Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Food Stamps in MC

Anyone who has been in Mom Confessions, aka MC, will note the cycles of types of posts.  We are close to Labor Day which means a ton of posts bitching about school supplies and buying school supplies for the whole class and how the teacher must be selling the supplies on the black market or whatever.

The one constant no matter what season it is... is food stamps.  I have never seen so many people bitch about food stamps, and that includes the summer I spent with my aunt and was forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh in the car with no escape.

Even in the Great Cleanse of 2013 there is still evidence of how obsessed CM is with food stamps.

You have crazies that go on there bragging about selling their food stamps or somehow scamming the system because they collect food stamps when they live with 16 other people.

Then you have the crazies who seem to think they are personally buying enough junk food for China because they saw someone buying an energy drink.  And we can't forget the ones who somehow know every item the 5 people in front of them in line bought and how they paid for it.  Who has time for that shit?  And who can see the type of cards people are using?  Seriously, I need your secret because my vision is now only 20/20.

But the most baffling thing of all is the number of posts these women will make.  132 in the last week, just in MC, just about food stamps!!!  If only this focus could be channeled into something more useful, like developing a vaccine for HIV, we'd all win Nobel Prizes.

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